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Let the muscles dance!


14-page article about the structure of muscles and their function

Nature makes your dance life easier

The human body is in many ways  fascinating. Just building the muscles and theirs  different functions and functions have already inspired many researchers to countless books with extensive knowledge. 

But how can dance students and dance teachers use this knowledge equally?  do?

This article is intended to help you experience the familiar in a new way, rediscover the unknown and awaken a desire for more knowledge about the (dance) body. 

In order to keep the article understandable for medical laypersons, the complex biological processes that play a role in the use of muscles are not examined in this article. 


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Eliana Hofmann - Bild: Mischa

Eliana Hofmann

For me, jomdance is inspiration, motivation and a dance challenge! jomdance showed me new possibilities and qualities in oriental dance. Thanks to the work with Said el Amir, I have made higher demands on myself as a professional dancer. I dared to go beyond my own limits and create new paths in dance myself. For me, jomdance means seeing and living dance as an art form!

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Silvana Austria

I never thought,
that this is SO!
The day before yesterday I still had massive doubts, was desperate about my pathetic successes in exercises.
I admire the excellent didactic structure that shows me ways that I didn't even know existed ... Thanks for that!

Silvana Östreich - Bild MaKo-Foto
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