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The mobile Academy

Based on the very careful and in-depth training in Middle Eastern Dances and his knowledge of dance technique training by and through IWANSON, Said el Amir developed the dance form "jomdance - jazz-oriental-modern-dance". The academy was founded in 2003 by Said el Amir.


Since then, the aim of the mobile academy has been to promote Middle Eastern dances in terms of reputation, form of presentation and teaching style.


Preserving the traditions of Middle Eastern dances and still performing it in a contemporary manner is one of the premises and fundamental philosophies of the academy and its lecturers.


The know-how from Said el Amir's two courses of studies in Dance Science (Master of Science in Dance Science / UK and Master of Advanced Studies in Dance Science / CH) flow into the workshops, seminars and educational courses.


In particular, the further development of the pedagogical-didactic teaching of Middle Eastern dance to all generations and for all dance levels is the aim of the academy.


We focus on the individual pedagogical-didactic needs of every single person in class. The focus is on the individual further development of the students in the courses of the academy.

Tradition meets Modern
Science meets Practice
Human meets Human

You can find your dates at „Bookings“.

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