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Helpful Tips for Dance Students: How to learn effectively

Aktualisiert: 12. März 2020

Often, you - as a student - are lost in too much information in too little time to deal with them. The amount of information that you are able to consume and to process is depending on your learning type and on the amount of hours you already worked on the respective day.

When you enter the classroom keep in mind how many hours you have been already busy that day. After six hours of work (meaning any kind of) your capability to remember new information and to process the information to your motor control and motor learning systems is probably pretty small.

Therefore, it can be a very helpful fact when you know about your individual learning type.

Be aware of your learning type

According to Gardner (1983) there exist 8 Intelligences and each of us has all of them in us. The important question about this is: Which one is dominant in us?

Constantly learning in a way that is not supportive for your personal learning type might result in frustration and the feeling of being completely untalented compared to others.

Watch the following video by "Practical Psychology" and find out which learning type suits you most. Keep in mind that you are probably not a "pure" type. Mixed types are normal and fit into Gardner's theory that we all use these intelligences, some of them more some of them less.


  1. Check out your own learning type and be aware of how you learn best.

  2. If you don't get the task after trying several times ask your teacher to break it down the way you need it - don't worry, you are the one who pays for getting the information...

  3. Focus on one special topic during class, e.g. arms, directions, technique, expression, etc.

  4. When you still don't get the task remember yourself that the brain and body need time to process the given information. Rome wasn't built on one day either!

More researched information on a scientific base on this topic and many others are available for our academy-insiders. Watch out and become an insider, too!

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