Motivated teachers versus ambitious students - Explaining two different attackers of learning

Factors that influence motivation
Illustration of Motivation by © cacaroot


  1. I am always happy to see motivated teachers. They are keen on spreading their knowledge whenever and wherever they can.

  2. However, often they are so focused on spreading their know-how that they do not recognize how much they talk...

  3. Pupils who were - in best case - perfectly warmed-up before are cooling down because of listening to what kind of probably (hopefully) important information the teacher is giving. Then, all of a sudden, they restart the combination or technique training without a short "re-warm-up" of the pupils' body. This is a risky factor in terms of injuries, and I am not talking about different age groups yet who have special needs in terms of injury prevention... but that is another subject that has to be enlightened separately.

  4. Motivated teacher also tend to speak a lot while their students are trying out new movements or combinations which they learned maybe just about two minutes before. What happens here - seen from a neuro-physiological point of view - is that students are creating new synapses. WOW! That's cool, isn't it?

Yes, that would be really cool... even cooler if the teacher would not torpedo the neuro-physiological learning process by constantly shooting-in n