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The ideal tool to improve individual performance!

Professional Practice


A completely individual professional practice includes:

  • An interview to determine your short, medium and long-term goals (e.g. specific appearance, career development, event organization, etc.)
  • An intensive analysis of the current dance and mental (motivational) skills
  • A clear, detailed breakdown of current training (behavior)
  • A recording and analysis of nutritional behavior
  • A recording and analysis of sleep behavior
  • A recording of the current body mass index (no rating!)
  • An analysis of strengths and weaknesses

After all the data has been compiled, a written summary and the resulting optimized training plan are made, which can help you achieve your goals.

The report includes clear, personalized advice too

  • Further training structure including dance technique, additional training, fitness development
  • Targeted nutrition tips based on the previous analysis and the nutritional values actually required to optimize the body mass index (without evaluation!) In relation to the goals set
  • Any mental training that may be required
  • A periodization of the training plan to optimize performance at the scheduled time of target achievement (e.g. certain appearance, career highlight, event organization, etc.)

The individualized report comprises at least 20 pages.

Eliana Hofmann - Bild: Mischa

Eliana Hofmann

For me, jomdance is inspiration, motivation and a dance challenge! jomdance showed me new possibilities and qualities in oriental dance. Thanks to the work with Said el Amir, I have made higher demands on myself as a professional dancer. I dared to go beyond my own limits and create new paths in dance myself. For me, jomdance means seeing and living dance as an art form!

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Silvana Austria

I never thought,
that this is SO!
The day before yesterday I still had massive doubts, was desperate about my pathetic successes in exercises.
I admire the excellent didactic structure that shows me ways that I didn't even know existed ... Thanks for that!

Silvana Östreich - Bild MaKo-Foto
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