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In this 16-page, scientifically researched German article with extensive sources, readers are provided with information on Oum Kalthoum's life story, embedded in the history of time. The article contains interesting facts about her great work and key topics, her impressive voice, the unforgettable legacy she leaves behind and explosive rumors that revolve around her private life.

Oum Kalthoum - Scientific article


Oum Kalthoum was born on December 31, 1898 or more likely, according to the birth register, on May 4, 1904 in Tummãy al-Zahãyrah / Al-Sinbellawein / Egypt. The time information fluctuates due to the late registration with the birth register that was often common in the past. She died on February 3rd, 1975 at the age of approx. 76 in Cairo / Egypt and left behind an unprecedented and so far never achieved cultural legacy for the Arab world. The Egyptian singer, who fascinated Arab audiences from the Persian Gulf to Morocco for half a century, was one of the most famous Arab singers of the 20th century.

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Eliana Hofmann

For me, jomdance is inspiration, motivation and a dance challenge! jomdance showed me new possibilities and qualities in oriental dance. Thanks to the work with Said el Amir, I have made higher demands on myself as a professional dancer. I dared to go beyond my own limits and create new paths in dance myself. For me, jomdance means seeing and living dance as an art form!

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Silvana Austria

I never thought,
that this is SO!
The day before yesterday I still had massive doubts, was desperate about my pathetic successes in exercises.
I admire the excellent didactic structure that shows me ways that I didn't even know existed ... Thanks for that!

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