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Get Ready to Dance Vol. 3


Get Ready To Dance - Vol. 3 & the accompanying CD "El Prince" with 24 pieces of music

The warm-up is designed for oriental dance and uses its basic rhythms for beginners to professional levels. The aim of the DVD is to prepare the body for the class or the performance through clearly explained exercises. The 14-minute warm-up is perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Professionals are shown ways to warm up well before the performance.

There are two level subdivisions, all of which are compatible with each other and encourage mixing: Level 0-3 and Level 4-7

This is ideal for all course instructors, because they can mix exercises from levels 0-3 with those from levels 4-7 and thus easily make their lessons interesting and varied for a whole year.

Of course, this warm-up also has a section “Helpful details” and all combinations are explained individually and only then put together.

Eliana Hofmann - Bild: Mischa

Eliana Hofmann

For me, jomdance is inspiration, motivation and a dance challenge! jomdance showed me new possibilities and qualities in oriental dance. Thanks to the work with Said el Amir, I have made higher demands on myself as a professional dancer. I dared to go beyond my own limits and create new paths in dance myself. For me, jomdance means seeing and living dance as an art form!

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Silvana Austria

I never thought,
that this is SO!
The day before yesterday I still had massive doubts, was desperate about my pathetic successes in exercises.
I admire the excellent didactic structure that shows me ways that I didn't even know existed ... Thanks for that!

Silvana Östreich - Bild MaKo-Foto
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