Helpful Tips for Dance Teacher & Trainer: Speaking during moves

Aktualisiert: 12. März 2020

Speaking during class - What should be considered

As a teacher you are constantly speaking during class. Often, you speak in very uncomfortable, awkward positions or during moves which "normal" people wouldn't use for speaking, such as complete curves in your torso, rolling-up or down of the vertebral, overextended throat or neck positions in balances or arches, etc. Therefore, I would like to give you some tips on how you can reduce or avoid such unhealthy situations.

What happens in your larynx while speaking and breathing?

Let's have a simplified look at what happens in your throat/larynx while speaking.

During breathing, the vocal cords open for giving space for the air to flow into your lungs. As soon as you start to speak, the vocal cords close according to the desired tone and air flows out of your lungs via the trachea through the gap of the vocal cords related to the respective tone. For